After another couple of rainy days back at it – my son welded the angle iron on the weekend so it was long enough so cut to length this morning and painted it so it won’t rust. Once it’s dry I’ll paint one rail into it’s channel (don’t want to weld it since then I won’t be able to get the rail off) and let the other one float. Hopefully this will prevent binding if things move around a bit – my friend welded both sides and had binding issues. 

Working on the pier plate today as well. I got my Altair Pier adapter for the NEQ6 and need to bolt it to my pier plate which is a brake rotor – while it fit my HEQ5 perfectly the EQ6 is a bit bigger so needed to get the $125 adapter. Very nicely CNC machined piece of kit, has four M8 bolts so just need to drill and tap some holes in the plate for them and I’ll be able to remount the pier. The plate had some rust so wirebrushed it off and repainted the plate to spruce things up.

Rails are done, wheels test fit, just need to screw them all in and I can start cutting the chipboard and siding to fit. Another 32+C day with the humidex so slow going!

By Gord

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